Vibration Analysis
At the spearhead of Condition Monitoring is Vibration Analysis. The analysis of a machines vibration spectrum can identify problems such as:

Mechanical Looseness
Bearing defects
Defective Gears or Meshing Problems

The continued analysis at regular intervals over a period of time creates a vibration trend which enables the host to be aware of any deterioration in the machines condition at an early stage.

Dynamic Balancing
The main cause of vibration problems is imbalance. This problem can be rectified by the re-balancing of the unbalanced component, either in the workshop or on site in the machines normal working environment.

Oil Analysis
This useful facility identifies any contamination present in the lubrication which is the result of the wearing of mechanical parts such as gears, crown wheels, pinions etc. This in turn gives an overall picture of the effectiveness of the lubrication.

Laser Alignment
This facility enables the user to quickly check or realign two rotating components to each other to a high degree of accuracy.

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