All motor windings are Baker Surge Comparison Tested on intake to our factory to determine the winding and insulation quality. They are also subjected to this procedure during final testing prior to despatch.

This service is offered as part of our normal Rewind and Overhaul service. It is also offered as an On Site Preventative Maintenance Service on critical motors. At your request, Baker Surge Comparison is also available at any time for testing individual unit’s in situ.

  One of the most annoying and financially draining aspects to a companies production targets is the unexpected breakdown of a critical piece of machinery.

Repair costs, maintenance crew overtime payments and, most importantly, lost production.

To combat this problem more and more companies are taking advantage of the undoubted benefits of Conditioning Monitoring. The ultimate goal of this service is to identify a defective or deteriorating component at an early stage. The remedial work can then be planned into the Maintenance Departments routine work schedule.


As part of the services offered to our customers in relation to pro-active predictive maintenance, a very popular and productive service are our On-Site Gearbox Inspections.