Our engineers can visit your site at your convenience and perform a series of checks on a gearbox, which typically would consist of:

• Visual inspection on external condition i.e. signs of oil leaks, cleanliness etc.

• Record all information from Gearbox plate.

• Check oil level, take oil sample and drain remainder of oil from box.

• Remove inspection cover, clean faces and gasket and ensure breather is clear.

• Manually and visually inspect, as far as access allows, all components in the transmission trains, checking for any signs of worn, loose or pitted components.

• Ensure lubricant has been reaching all components including bearings.

• Re-fit inspection cover ensuring gasket is good or re-newed.

• Check and record backlash on output shaft.

• Re-fill with new oil (customer to supply) and turn output shaft 360º ensuring freedom of movement.

A verbal report will be made to the site contact before leaving site, and a full, hard copy report will follow within 5 working days, including oil sample analysis test results.

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